Resilient life (Train The Trainer)

How can you develop a resilient life and leadership? How do you build capacity to regain strength when you are in pressure, stress, in challenge environments and situations? What makes leaders experience burnout? How to prevent it? This is some of the question you will get answer in the course resilient life. Paul Ch. Donders is founder and leader of  Xpand international and have together with his team developed the concept of  resilient leadership. 

Instructor:  Øivind Augland


Resilient life (Train The Trainer)

Welcome to this course resilient life. This course is designed to help you develop a more resilient life and leadership. The course consist of the following parts. 

1. Films: Watch Paul Ch. Donders video teaching on resilient life.

2. Book: Read Paul Ch Donders book on resilient life

3. Articles and Workbook: Articles and workbooks will be avalible for you.

4. Assignment: Answer the different assignment. There are some assignment we want you to do for your own reflection and preparation. 

5. Resilient Scan: You will to your own personal resilient Scan during the course. 

Wish you all the best.

Øivind Augland

xpand Norway


  • Unit 1: 1. Introduction of resilience life course
  • Unit 2: 2. The road to a resilience life
  • Unit 3: 3. Developing resilience
  • Unit 4: 4. Resilience scan
  • Unit 5: 5. The seven resilience competences
  • Unit 6: 6. My training program
  • Unit 7: 7. Resilience life

Price:  100 50

Course Language: Engelsk

Course Dates: Open-ended

Enrollment Dates: Enroll Anytime

Who can Enroll: Anyone


Øivind Augland
Øivind Augland

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