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Do you want to help others in developing a resilient life? 

If so, please feel free to apply for the Resilience license. The license enables you to put your desire into practice and start supporting clients to design their Resilient life.

Resilience is the key competence in the 21st Century. In a world filled with volatility and complexity, resilience is key to thrive. Resilient people are not born resilient! People grow through life, either towards or away from resilience. Developing your own resilience factors takes time and training, but the rewards are definitely worth it. 

Paul Ch. Donders, the founder and leader of Xpand International, has together with his team developed the concept of resilient leadership. This is a course that will equip you to train others.

On the top of the page you find the button: MATERIALS. Here you can download the Resilience 3.0 License brochure for more information.

To register for the course you have to: 

  1. Login: Go to the button not the top called “Login” to the right of the button “take this course”
  2. Registrer and account: A window will appear with two options. Click the righthand option: “Register an Account”.
  3. Take this course: Fill in the registration form and click register. You are now registrer on the xpand course platform. Go to the top again and click on “take this course”
  4. Payment module: When you click on “take this course” you come to a payment module. You can choose between Paypal or Visa to pay the License Fee on 690 Euro.
  5. My profile: When you have paid you are redirected to my profile. Here you will find your course: Resilience 3.0 License
  6. Start the preparation: Click on the course Resilience 3.0 License in your profile. You are ready to start preparing yourself by doing the first three modules before Tuesday 1st of September.

You follow the flow in the corse below: 

  • Step1: Preparation: Before 21st of June. (Modul 1 to 3)
  • Step 2: Online training: Monday 21st of June from 09 am – 3 pm CET (Modul 4; login info. are in the module) 
  • Step 3: Preparation: from 21st to 30ed of June. (Modul 5 to 6)
  • Step 4: Online training: Wednesday 30ed of June from 09 am – 3 pm CET (Modul 7; login info. are in the module)
  • Step 5: Implementation exercise:  Practice and reading books. (Module 8)
  • Step 6: Mentor Masterclass: Wednesday 15th of September 0900 – 1100 am (Modul 9; login info. are in the module)

When you start the course there are some important information:

If you need to go back to an earlier section, please follow the instructions on the page or click on the menu on the left side. You can go back to where you were, but please be aware that you have to complete each section and modules in order to move on to the next one and you need to watch the whole video before you are able to continue.

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